Using performance coaching to gain maximum results!

Your number one goal in the position of sales manager is to achieve the maximum sales and profit that you can. To do this you need your staff to help you meet the targets that are set, and to allow for your team to achieve the results you want, an element of performance coaching is required.

We constantly question ourselves on how we can do better, if we all did better in our place of work, then the more success we would have. However, the common problem is that many people don’t know how to better themselves within their chosen workplace. This is where you as a sales leader/manager can bring in performance coaching.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is a method of giving your team advice on how they can do better; many people have said that if they knew how to improve their skills, then they would strive to achieve this. By holding regular meetings with individual team members or even team workshops, you can help make your staff bond and use each other as a method of learning.

Talking to your staff at regular intervals can also help you to detect small problems that your sales team are currently facing.  This way you can rectify the problem before it potentially causes a huge impact on your sales plan.

There are many methods you can use as a part of coaching your staff and they are all there for the same reason.  You need to be able to maintain a positive focus throughout your team, creating milestones for your team to aim for will enable you to monitor your team’s performance as they push to achieve the goal.

To fully understand the potential effects of Performance Coaching you have to create a bond between yourself and the staff working under you. You need to be seen as the head coach of the team. If you can achieve a mentor status, then staff will approach you for advice when it is needed.

Performance Management Framework

Performance Management Framework is basically an overview of all aspects of your business. It’s a framework that brings together all your plans, targets, strategies and the current performance of your business. You can use performance management to see how current affairs are in relation to previous timelines. The process enables you to see if you are improving together as a team or are failing.

Performance Management will guide you in identifying problems and also aid you in finding the solutions.

Here are some key Points in relation to Performance Management –

1. You can see recent success that you have achieved

2. You can see problems that occurred that in turn induced failure

3. You can plan to overcome recent problems so that they don’t occur again

4. You gain a clear vision and perspective on the outcomes of your actions

5. The process enables you to plan on realistic targets to use in the future

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